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This news portal exclusively targets B2B and is read by over 60,000 people a week! Business people that either own a B2B transactional or exchange platform, an ecommerce website, an ebusiness franchise or simply by people in walks of life that need to keep abreast of this fast-changing field.

B2B News is currently ranked between number 3 and number 5 in Google's first results page, under the generic keywords 'B2B news' and is currently ranked number 2 in MSN under the same search terms.

Since 1999, the B2B industry has been growing at a 30% pace, and continues to increase rapidly. Many marketing experts and B2B industry observers expect this field to accelerate its growth rate even faster in 2005 and 2006, to approximately a 40% growth rate, year over year. The only exception to this was the year 2000, in which a temporary correction saw the B2B market flat for the year.

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